Shawty Pimp - Still Comin' Real (Cassette)


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Release Date - 23rd November 2018

GYPT001-MC, The cassette version of Shawty Pimp's classic memphis liquor store tape "...Still Comin' Real" from back in 1995. Very short run, limited edition. Available very soon from your usual sources.

Remastered versions as they appear on the debut vinyl issue, GYPT001. 

Side A

1. big boys intro (Skit No Audio)

2. One Mean Stang

3. Come On Wit Me Baby

4. Style Like Mine

5. For Them Bustas

6. You Tell Me

7. Pimpin' Still Goin' On

Side B

8. My 9 Glock

9. Ain't To Be Played Wit

10. Gots To make Some Money

11. Can't Play No Playa

12. dedications (Skit No Audio)

13. Street Sense

14. revised dedications (Skit No Audio)