Gus Pirelli (ft. Andre Espeut) - Good Feeling / Meet In the Middle


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For their next release, Gutter Funk have dared once again to disrupt the fabric of space and time...

We are proud present to you Gus Pirelli, a name you may recognise from Laminate Radio, and the critically acclaimed mix tape:
'Born in the Year of the Boogie'.

Pirelli steps into the spotlight with his first major release. This is 100% authentic boogie-disco-funk.

Utilising all original equipment, there is not a sample in sight. These two beautifully crafted cuts have been created from scratch, both complimented by the graceful vocal power of Andre Espeut.

All instruments are played, recorded and mixed by Gus. This is pure class.

a. Gus Pirelli Ft Andre Espeut - Good Feeling

b. Gus Pirelli Ft Andre Espeut - Meet In The Middle