Addison Groove & DJ Die - Legion of Boom EP


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Released 8th July 2016

Gutterfunk has become known for its open ended music policy, the phrase ‘melting pot’ is often over used but it perhaps is the most apt way of describing the label.

DJ Die and Addison Groove are both innovators as solo artists but as a pairing all rules really go out of the window. Drum machines co-exist with drum breaks, sub-cultures from Chicago to Sao Paulo are represented and refined through the Bristol eye and a new aesthetic is born, always dancefloor and never obvious.

a1. Addison Groove & DJ Die - Standard Affair

a2. Addison Groove & DJ Die - Legion Of Boom

b1. Addison Groove & DJ Die - Morro Dub

b2. Addison Groove & DJ Die - Dr Know