Change - It’s A Girl’s Affair (Mike Maurro Disco Remix) / Searching (Mike Maurro Disco Remix)


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Groove Line Records release the first in a series of officially licensed disco remix 12”s. Starting with two exceptional disco remixes of the Change classics, “It’s A Girl’s Affair” and “Searching”, by Mike Maurro, whose recent The Mike Maurro Peak Hour Remixes box set has cemented the New York producer’s reputation as one of the most respected disco remixers on the scene right now.

As one of the most innovative dance groups of the early 1980s Change scored several , disco and pop hits including the number one disco classics, “A Lover’s Holiday” and “The Glow Of Love,” and helped launch the solo career of Luther Vandross due to his exceptional vocal performance on another of the group’s number one disco hits, “Searching.”

Side A features “It’s A Girl’s Affair (Mike Maurro Disco Remix),” also included as an exclusive track on Groove Line’s 2CD Change Anthology Reach For The Sky from 2015. Originally released on the groups debut album The Glow Of Love from 1980, “It’s A Girls Affair” features the powerhouse vocals of the legendary Jocelyn Brown as she sends out a rallying call to the “girls” to take over the dance floors of the world above a dynamic, sophisticated euro dance groove complete with futuristic synth swells and dramatic breakdowns. The Mike Maurro Remix brings out all the best elements of the original recording creating a tight, punchy disco interpretation.

Side B features “Searching (Mike Maurro Disco Remix),” the track famed for introducing Luther Vandross’s velvet tones to a wider audience on both sides of the Atlantic. Regarded as the quintessential Vandross vocal performance “Searching,” also from debut album The Glow Of Love, heralded a new era in R&B/Dance due to both the fully realised melodic story of the lyric and the (at the time) unorthodox, rolling dance floor groove created by Change. Maurro employs his signature remixing styles to mesmerising effect here allowing the dancer to become immersed in the groove as each element is added at just the right time in order to keep propelling the track forward before every care is given to allow Vandross’s faultless and encapsulating vocal to take centre stage.

a1. It’s A Girl’s Affair (Mike Maurro Disco Remix)

b1. Searching (Mike Maurro Disco Remix)