Paxton Fettel - Better Days EP


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Release Date - 15th February 2019


In another tight and consistent projection, Paxton Fettel actualizes his assertion for independence, eclecticism and voodoo - with a collection of delightful enchanting vibes.

Familiarly neat and energetic, house beats and crystal-clear chords accord to accompany the melodic dawdling, while insatiable and unbelievably facetious talkative babblings of all kinds stretch out into organic gliding laces. 

The purposefully optimistic and spirited atmosphere is the echo of the ceaseless quest for serious lightness, relaxed ecstatic states, truth and wonders. 

At the intersection of devoted beginnings and mastered preferences, this EP provides a soothing expression of the reality of change, and acts as the denouement of a true explorative pit stop for the musician - and the listener, always playful, and sprucely yours.

Specifically, Niche Music For Specifically Niche People. Keep Smiling 😊


a1. Paxton Fettel - Burning

a2. Paxton Fettel - This Love (Get Over It)

a3. Paxton Fettel - Faster On Fire

b1. Paxton Fettel - Better Days

b2. Paxton Fettel - Flavias Silver Silhouette

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