Duckett - The Balsamic State EP


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Released 1st April 2016

News Flash - Duckett releases GCW Record Shock!

Balsamic State Terriors dives in head on with an intensifying smart polyphonic quick heeled march. The swinging trudge is as tight as a happy squirrels sack, a tasty, heads down, arm waving tweaker.

Rootsie africana pit wetter Jackdaws On Astroturf gets straight to it, no messing about. Softly percussing with delicate timing & subtle shifts but driving and progressive… Easy does it. Proper hypnotic fare this, once championed early doors in a live room 2 FreeRo set.. Which could well now leave you in a sobbing emotional mess needing a cuddle and a wet flannel. Hang about, pass the chair I may have to a sit down

Ruff cutlet 'This is how we do it’ weaves another specialised tonality work out with, a bouncing techno stomp. The peculiar atmosphere and perplexing rhythms might give you a dodgy tummy but hang on, as it really goes off when Duckett gets his pocket trumpet from out his left hand trouser leg.

B2 goes well Greta I ain't seen the cat for 3 days now - with missing cats and heartfelt keys. Cosmic blues wrapped in a very big, yet cold, cold towel. Distorted jazz vibing to a neat and concise synthetic unraveling. Totally one for the end of the night / carry on crew giving it bundamentals (MC Tom Demac would have been the icing on the proverbial - but ya can’t have it all!)

a1. Duckett - Balsamic State Terriors 

a2. Duckett - Jackdaws On Astroturf

b1. Duckett - This Is How We Do It

b2. Duckett - I Ain't Seen The Cat For 3 Days Now