DE-TU - Bun Down Babylon / Origination Dub [w/ Bukkha Remixes]


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The Green King Cuts family are back with the second instalment of the vinyl only record label’s catalogue. GKC providing a 4 track EP, deriving from reggae dub influences with newly Dubstep and grime sounds. 

DE-TU (Chris Iona and Jevon Ives) are a London born and Bristol-based music producing Duo. Chris and Jevon, who attend University in Bristol, share the same love and knowledge for the reggae dub music and sound system culture. Both Chris and Jevon having released music digitally, on different named aliases, in the drum and bass, hip-hop circuit was only going to spur the pair on to experiment in music. DE-TU come to the surface, in 2016 with only the one sound cloud upload. This will be the pair’s debut release on any format. Bukkha (Evert) who is a music producer, originating from America but now living in Valladolid Spain, travelling the world, reflects in his sound and he is becoming one of the greats for the future. 

The space in the mix between the bass and drums keeps the flow and rhythm and supplies the listener a nostalgic feel of deep meditation. The big hall reverbs of the snares and delays on the percussion create a rhythmic stepper pattern. The heavy 808 sub bass melody, is high-spirited and packs a weighty punch. Bukkha's remixes are made for the sound system dances, for people to dance because of the driving kick and baseline, urging the rhythmic pattern to never stop. 

All four tracks take the listener on a journey through the influences, which has being made in the last 10 years for the dance. DE-TU and Bukkha are pivotal to the scene, driving forward the sound and love for the culture.

a1. Bun Down Babylon

a2. Bun Down Babylon (Bukkha Remix)

b1. Origination Dub

b2. Origination Dub (Bukkha Remix)