Various Artists - The Los Angeles EP


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Released 23rd September 2016

Gourmet Beats 007 is the Los Angeles EP featuring Introspekt, Mesck, Oxossi, and Subtle Mind. The idea behind the EP was to bring together some of the hot talent emerging out of the LA bass music scene.
Support from: JoeNice, BunZero, Raggs, E3, Kursk, Mesck, Gantz, Emmo, InfraDub, VIVEK, SapLeo, Dub DIggerz, Basstrace, DubPhase SoundSystem, Nousless, Malleus, Moonstones, FKOF, Trusik, True Soldiers Productions, DataSetClothing, SubFM.

With each release, GourmetBeats gives money to a charity or organisation of the artist’s choice. Introspekt, Mesck, Oxossi, and Subtle Mind's charity is The Children's Music Fund. This 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation brings musical instruments and provides musical therapy to children and young adults suffering from chronic and life-changing illnesses in the United States. Learn more about The Children's Music Fund at:

a1. Mesck - Bad Future

a2. Subtle Mind - Lankershim Stroll

b1. Introspekt - Secrets

b2. Oxossi - Malevolent