Sepia - Harp Song / Music Box


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Released 16th October 2015

GourmetBeats 002 features three selections from Sepia: Music Box, Harp Song, and Glisten VIP. The 12” vinyl release features Music Box and Harp Song. The digital release features Music Box, Harp Song, and includes Glisten VIP as an exclusive digital bonus track.

Theo Bennett, whose production name is Sepia, is a 25 year-old self-taught producer and DJ from London, United Kingdom. Sepia grew up from the free party and rave scene on the Isle of Wight. At 17 years old, he moved to Brighton for university, where he found his sound — creating a discography ranging from grime, dub, reggae, hip hop, r&b, drum & bass, and footwork. Additionally, Sepia maintained DJ residencies at several well-respected nights, such as: Subsplash, Supercharged, and Vagabondz. The inspiration behind Sepia’s music is his late mother, Julie Bennett, who passed away in 2006 when Sepia forged his musical journey. Currently, Sepia lives in Bristol, United Kingdom — a musical hotbed of varied tempos, textures, and talent. Fusing deep sub-bass frequencies with polyrhythmic percussion, Sepia champions his exclusive brand of sound system music with a focus on melancholy melodies, harmonies, and instrumentation. Theo is an established artist on line-ups across the United Kingdom and continues to build his musical legacy in the months and years to come.

With each release, GourmetBeats gives money to a charity or organization of the artist’s choice. Theo’s chosen charity is The Earl Mountbatten Hospice, on the Isle of Wight. This facility cared for Theo’s mother until her passing in 2006. Learn more about the Earl Mountbatten Hospice at:

a. Sepia - Harp Song

b. Sepia - Music Box