Moonstones - Mutations EP


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Released 20th November 2015

The 12” vinyl release contains "Mutations" by Moonstones and the "Mutations Remix" by Malleus. 


Moonstones is a three-piece dj collective and a production duo who, from youth, are strongly connected musically. Risen from the ashes of high school metal bands, they digitalize their sound and delivered it to clubs, festivals, parties, and turntables. For nearly two years, Moonstones hosted a local rave called ‘Klub Dub’, which gave them a chance to take the music they love to the big system. Beat-making-wise, there really isn’t much to it: Moonstones are some guys who just like to build raw space music beats. Their studio (which is no more than a laptop and some monitors) is located in a farmhouse in the far east of the Netherlands. Here, Moonstones cook up jams and shoot them into orbit.

Malbleus is a​ 29­year­old producer, from Fredericksburg, Virginia, who delivers bassline genius and solidifies his reputation and growing status in the global bass music community. He is a decade­long guitarist, drummer, self­taught producer, and sound engineer. His love of UK influenced bass music started in high school, when he heard The Streets ­ “Original Pirate Material” and since then, he immersed himself head first into UK music culture. Having a hip­hop background in his college days, as well as his involvement with several musical projects across different genres, Malleus honed his production and sampling skills. He became captivated with dubstep and focused his attention on creating his signature dark and melodic sound with a focus on raw percussion sampling, odd time signatures, forward thinking syncopation, as well as sound system vibes.


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Moonstones and Malleus' charity is the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. The Children’s Diabetes Foundation is a non-profit organization which provides research support and clinical and educational programs for children with diabetes.

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a. Moonstones - Mutations

b. Moonstones - Mutations (Malleus Remix)