EshOne - Elk EP


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Released 4th November 2016

EshOne (Donnie Valdez) is a 31 year-old graphic designer, music producer and dubstep DJ from Albuquerque, New Mexico now living in Poland. EshOne has performed in twenty states and several countries, including: Canada, Denmark, Poland, The Netherlands, and Slovenia. Donnie's earliest musical memories were his electric guitar playing days and listening to heavy-metal bands from twenty-five years ago. Learning this instrument and listening to heavy-metal expanded Donnie's musical horizons to signal processing and sound manipulation. Armed with technical knowledge, Donnie shifted his focus to music production in 2004, specifically, drum and bass. EshOne makes tunes quickly because of his innovative production techniques and instant application of his craft. His frenetic production pace is closely related to his high-energy live three deck sets. Donnie learned how to mix in 2003 and had plans on becoming a turntablist. Currently, Donnie prefers to mix and blend his productions; which focus on heavy basslines and anthemic grooves while keeping a dark vibe and gritty texture. Donnie's love of nature and music gave him incentive to create his record label, Elk Beats. The elk is very similar to Donnie's music, internet presence, and online persona: peaceful, present, and powerful. Donnie enjoys spontaneous activities, such as: fly fishing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. His other passion is music, and EshOne's productions are custom-made for large rooms with low-lights, loud sound systems, and an intense emotional experience.

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