DJG - Swazi Rhythm EP


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 Released 7th August 2015

The dubplate king, the dubstep ambassador, Joe Nice has finally decided to start his record label, GourmetBeats. For the first release, Joe does what he does best - selection - and this choice does not disappoint. GourmetBeats 001 finds two exclusive tunes from DJG.

Swazi Rhythm’, a staple of Joe’s live sets and radio shows for more than a year, is a tribalist slow burner that trots to an attention-grabbing woodblock pattern. Various cyclical additions complete the pivots in between, and, a driving, steam engine-type whistle, and a warbling theremin tone increases the tension. Building the intensity, DJG reloads the stomping subs with aggressive and tasteful snarls to complete the melodic content.

Drumma’, a new DJG production, has a polyrhythmic rolling gallop with a serious low-end. A choir of voice drones float above an angry, but controlled metallic melody. Offset snares and occasional synth stabs move the music amidst waves of industrial textures.


WIth each release, GourmetBeats will make a financial contribution to a charity or social cause in the name of the artist. The chosen charity for this inaugural release is Little Kids Rock. This charity funds lasting musical education programs in United States public schools by donating instruments, providing curricular resources, and training faculty.

a. DJG - Swazi Rhythm

b. DJG - Drumma