Flaty - New Suggestions


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Released 15th July 2016

Flaty and friends launch an album project entitled "New Suggestions" on the Gost Zvuk label.

a1. Rest-Intensive (feat. Piper Spray)

a2. Aliyans (feat. Lapti)

a3. Gulls Over Dump (feat. Burago)

a4. Jelly

a5. Wasted (feat. Midnite Cobras)

a6. Chelector (feat. Wrong Water)

b1. Smoke Figure / 1-4-Jejer (feat. Muzzlebusf & Low808)

b2. Dismissed Relations (feat. OL)

b3. Parallel (feat. Buttechno)

b4. Celestial Bow (8ousy8oy & Muzzlebusf)

b5. Sponge (feat. Pfeiffer & FFAA)

b6. Essence (feat. Ocurob)

b7. Elusive Garden (feat. Dada Ques)

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