Repetentes 2008 - Gelo Geronimo EP


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Due 8th February

When the past and the future collide, unexpected things can happen. And when we have music at the core and such talent providing the raw materials\ being the vector for this encounter is a privilege we like to gloat. Carioca avant-gardiste Guerrinha’s Repetentes 2008 is a project that is close to our hearts and minds through its rare ability to convey deep nostalgia in a playful futuristic way, renovating a tradition that is the quintessence of their hometown’s musical heritage with a zest for jest. Exactly what the offer here in two irresistible grooves that, while maintaining the clarity of references they lie upon, refresh them in a joyful way: “Missão Misturebar” and “Judas Preist”. The flipside “Gelo Geronimo” takes us across a similar path, but intensifies the emotional element and desnifies the rhythmic components to deliver the kind of track that only a master of French alchemy such as Gilb’r could transmutate by subverting its principles in a somewhat darker take. How about that for science?

a1. Gelo Gerônimo

a2. Gelo Gerônimo (Gilb'r Remix)

b1. Missão Misturebar

b2. Judas Priest