Gladkazuka - O Fenōmeno Do Menino


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Release Date: 5th July 2019

When South-Americans gather, many things can arise, but one will be certain: it
will be intense. It could be it a party, a conflict, a work of art or an EP such as this
one that involves a Brasilian label releasing a collection of eclectic, dark and deep
electro-boogie and post-punk by a Colombian artist. Gladkazuka is the guitarist
on Matías Aguayo’s pan-american ensemble The Desdemonas and here he offers
us four slices of synthetic trunk funk on Gop Tun’s label. Each one of them are
guaranteed not only to entice sensations of all types and provoke emotions of all
kinds but also with the intensity expected from such a combination and required
for maximum fun.

a1. Arp Stylax

a2. Ciclon Redux

b1. Crmil Memotron

b2. DJ Magma