Antony Difrancesco & Samuel Bellis - dB Productions


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Fuse London have cemented their place in the worldwide underground with an unwavering belief in the DJ and production talents of an extended network of friends and they once again hit gold with Antony Difrancesco and Samuel Bellis dB Productions EP - 87-88 kicks things off with a distinctly Fuse-esque sound; a hazy tripped out groove and spoken female vocal ride a raw jungle tinged b-line. 

One Way To Pluto is the EPs vinyl only track and keeps things deep but no less driving whilst Adderall adds an almost techno sensibility in its quirkier elements. 

To round the EP off label head Enzo Siragusa once again joins forces with Alexkid under their Kilimanjaro guise to provide a sleek dub interpretation of 87-88.

a1. 87-88

a2. One Way to Pluto - (Vinyl Only)

b1. Adderall

b2. 87 - 88 (Kilimanjaro Dub)