Oku Onuora - I’ve Seen [CD Version]


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Release Date - 22nd February 2019

I’VE SEEN, Oku Onuora’s new album is slated to be released February 22, 2019 on the Swiss based Fruits Records label. The album was produced by Dr. T and Fruits Records. 

Oku Onuora, Dub Poet extraordinaire is known for his hard hitting socio-political commentaries fussed with potent musical accompaniment is at it again. This new album alternates between a cappella poems and poems fussed with powerful riddims performed in the purest Jamaican tradition by the musicians of The 18th Parallel, to which is added Doctor’s T modern electronic touch. 

In 2013 after withdrawal for over a decade from the poetry/music scene, Oku signaled that his re-emergency was in full effect with the release of A MOVEMENT; featuring Monthly Alexander, Sly and Robbie, Audrey Hall, Jawara. This was followed up by the vinyl single release YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW in 2015. Then there was a reissue of the seminal REFLECTION IN RED in 2016 and in 2018 came the reissue of the compilation album I A TELL DUBWIZE... & OTHERWISE.  

February 22, 2019 is the launch date for the Word/music missile I’VE SEEN. Be prepared for a word, music fallout that has never before been heard. This album will delight both specialists and genre enthusiasts.

1. Oku Onuora - I've Seen

2. Oku Onuora - Wordsoun

3. Oku Onuora - Don't Like It

4. Oku Onuora - Seed Burst

5. Oku Onuora - Madda

6. Oku Onuora - Black Spectacle

7. Oku Onuora - Dubword Warrior

8. Oku Onuora - The City At Night

9. Oku Onuora - If Not Now

10. Oku Onuora - Scene

11. Oku Onuora - Fuel For Fire

12. Oku Onuora - Then Beloved

13. Oku Onuora - Still

14. Oku Onuora - Escaping The Blues

15. Oku Onuora - Jamaica

16. Oku Onuora - Fish Head Story