Neznan - Tails of Tales


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Released 23rd September 2016

"The intensity of Neznan his personality and talent made us decide to go all the way for this release. His story is remarkable and feels like a paradox. His musical ability is full of details and his creativity is a perfect match with Float. If you take your time to understand his visions and incomprehensible ideas we're sure you will love this piece of art as much as we do. Way too many words will get spilled if we're going to describe every single track. The tracks are filled with the tiniest details without them ever sounding complex. His love for the oldskool elements and techniques blends well with his forward thinking approach"

a1. Rotor

a2. Rotor (Jeroen Search Remix)

a3. Loop Forever

a4. Loop 1 (Locked Groove)

b1. Tails of Tales

b2. Knap

b3. Loop 2 (Locked Groove)

b4. Loop 3 (Locked Groove)