Bessiekat - Oh, Night Wish


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Dublin based First Second Label debut their first 12" from Russian obscure techno stalwart Bessiekat's Oh, Night Wish EP. Thorny Bushes an' Buches' is a throbbing jam that rides at a relentless 130bpm, with heavy kicks and rattling echoes drowned in a sea of hi-hats. 'Your Leaves' is similarly abrasive, with alternating toms and cowbells leading the way for nightmarish strains. '808 Times' closes the release in a relatively serene mood, its electro kicks and gated synths showing Bessiekat's well rounded approach. 

a1. Bessiekat - Thorny Bushes an' Buches

b1. Bessiekat - Your Leaves

b2. Bessiekat - 808 Times