Jeroen Search - Spc Z (2x12" LP)


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Figure SPC inevitably arrives at the alphabet's last letter and therefore the end of what has been a most prosperous runtime and success story.

Already accountable for its first release 'A' seven years ago, Jeroen Search has proven essential to the sublabel's course with his many cornerstone contributions. This final, special extended release grants him the ample scope to tell the closing chapter in all proper detail.

Spread across two fully packed 12"s the Dutch veteran producer wastes no time but lets his ever evolving array of machines do the talking. They speak in many tones - be it snappy or propelling, vivid or restrained, stomping or intricate - yet they all retain Search's consistently singular voice. Each of the nine tracks was composed as a live take, with elements being reduced to the utmost minimum but always carrying the kinetic energy onto the next bar. Thus this ultimate catalogue number SPC Z not only bears witness to an artist's impressive ability to reliably distill the pure essence of a groove. It is also the grand conclusion to an esteemed series that has become a staple in many DJ's bags, brought forth plenty of future classics and left its unmistakable mark on techno.

Crafty, refined and irresistibly moving, this record is sure to be stirring up dancers around the globe.

a1. Not Just For The Young

a2. Metta?

a3. Upekkha

b1. Tensile Force

b2. Compressive Strength

c1. Karuna?

c2. Fighting My Own Demons

d1. Basic Language?

d2. Mudita