Cleric - Resurrection


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Released 13th January 2017

With a constant slew of quality releases Jorden Hodgetts has not only become in demand internationally, but keeps holding a vital spot on the Figure roster. His unyielding tracks as Cleric proudly wear their Manchester heritage on the sleeve, and this bold EP makes no exception.

Exploring various angles of the city's musical lineage, Cleric creates a sound scape that seems industrial and yet futuristic. As broken and straight rhythms repeatedly alternate over the course of this record, the mixes implicate both force and elegance, thanks to clever pacing and immaculate sound design.

Whether it be narrow, bleeping stompers, epic wide-screen breakdowns or intricately assembled percussion - across this fresh and dynamic EP Cleric further sharpens his profile, not only revealing his roots but even more importantly his individual vision.

a1. Resurrect

a2. Turbine

b1. Xejn (8am Mix)

b2. Shackled Minds

b3. Resurrect 3pm Mix