Blackpocket - ALAYLY


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Release Date: 27th September 2019

Steve Spacek aka Blackpocket is a relentless creative. It's truly woven into the fabric of his soul, create by any means necessary.

The debut Blackpocket project was also the Debut release on Exit Records, a truly family affair as Steve is the older brother of dBridge. The album acted as a signal of what was to come for the groundbreaking label & artist. Any expectation of tempos and sound pallets were treated with a respectful disregard in order to reach another place of design.

Blackpocket now gives us his second offering- ALAYLY, seven tracks that remind us who is the king of electronic soul music, comfortably existing in a space that is hard to deny or indeed replicate.

This is a project fully created via iOS apps. It's here where we will remind you of the relentless creative, one who creates by any means necessary. These iOS tools serve a very direct purpose- they enable Steve to create where ever he is and in turn, he is able to bring life & soul to the digital landscape.

ALALY is another triumph for Blackpocket AKA Steve Spacek and Exit Records.

a1. Blackpocket - ALAYLY

a2. Blackpocket - Footsteps

a3. Blackpocket - In Da Backroom Room

b1. Blackpocket - Organic Tech

b2. Blackpocket - Sho U ft Fatima

b3. Blackpocket - Wake Up Feel Good

b4. Blackpocket - Worlds Together