Persian - We Should Shout EP [Drum&Bass]


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Persian features Nicola Duncan on this Drum & Bass Liquid Vibe version of ‘We Should Shout’, complete with lush strings & a heavy sub to Rock the dance floor’s

Nicola again display’s her hyped energy vocals on ‘Step March’ to a modern Jungle step

I Am Somebody’ features the infamous Jesse Jackson speech from the 70’s with a heavy fat bass line to warm your speaker’s

Lord Of Hosts’ & ‘Choose The Sword’ are heavy bass productions with movie clip samples through out the songs.

a1. Persian - We Should Shout (ft. Nicola Duncan)

a2. Persian - Step March (ft. Nicola Duncan)

b1. Persian - I Am Somebody

b2. Persian - Lord of Host's

b3. Persian - Choose the Sword