Persian - Playing With My Art


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Release Date - 22nd March 2019

Known for his pioneering Smash ‘Dangerous’ which inspired the Grime, Dubstep & Speed Garage scenes. Here we have another E.P. of highly sought after, rare, deleted Gems, such as ‘Musical Rush’ & ‘Favorite Song’ al be it from an old crusty Dat tape recently found, these tracks were unobtainable until now.

These Gems were never officially released, but now get an outing on his imprint Existence Is Resistance Cult Record Label.
A true Underground Artist that is still inspiring the next generation, ‘’watch ya bass bins im tellin ya’’ This is another one for your collection...

a1. Persian - Musical Rush

a2. Persian - Favorite Song

b1. Persian - Oracle

b2. Persian - Playing With My Art