Wolfram - EP (w/ Gerd Janson Re-treat)


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Released 2nd November

A: OMG did you see her latest Story?! B: Which one? A: The one she just uploaded. You gotta check it out!!! V: You mean the one where she hangs out with Snoop Dogg and Eminem and this guy Wolfram is djing. I just saw that, too. A: Yeah totally, the party looks crazy. I love Wolfram, he’s sooo cute =) (B lit`lol’s) B: She just uploaded another one where Gerd Janson joins the decks. Why am I not there?! :( FML

a1. WOLFRAM - Hyères Roshi Show

a2. WOLFRAM - Wolfgram

b1. WOLFRAM - Paradies Tea

b2. WOLFRAM - Paradies Tea (Gerd Janson Re-Treat)