Ny*ak - Vice Ep


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Release Date: 8th February 2019

Deep, raw and real? Then NY*AK is the man! Andrew Scott has been releasing superb bottom heavy deep house groovers for many years on various top labels (like Local Talk, Paper or Ninja Tunes Technicolor). Now it’s time for Quintessentials! The A-side features „after the sun“, a deep, minimalistic and sexy groover, and „mind“, a blissfull and rich low BPM tune for an early morning come down. The B-side starts with „vice“, a proper Detroit track – bassline, strings, rims and snares - and finishes off with the funky and mellow „onions“. Deep, raw and real? NY*AK anytime!

a1. After the sun (feat. Franc Syx)

a2. Mind

b1. Vice

b2. Onions (feat. Mark Hand)