Contactless - Static EP


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Release date - 28th September 2018

Contactless debuts on UTTU with 4 electro cuts for the head, the whip and the club. Taking inspiration from boombass, electro-electronix, the lead track Static takes you on an electrosoul journey to the beyond, updating the motor city template with fresh styles. Cybernetik Jerkin is a prime slice of hi speed funk, sure to get those feet workin' and jerkin’. Robot Wreckin Crew introduces the most bad-assed cybernetic b-boy crew around, with added flavour ready for the sub-woofer in your trunk, whilst e.p. closer Downpour twists the program even further to include drum and bass influenced melodic elements over steady electro beats. 

4 cuts guaranteed to inject emotion into our increasingly automated society!

a1. Contactless - Static

a2. Contactless - Cybernetic Jerkin

b1. Contactless - Robot Wreckin' Krew

b2. Contactless - Downpour