Aos - Den Heliga Ån


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Released 13th April 2018

"Den Heliga Ån" (The Sacred River) is the debut album of ambient wizard and techno connoisseur Aos. The album is themed around the river Helge Å that runs through the town of Åhus in the southern parts of Sweden. The town in which Aos grew up. The music reflects both a deep love of the river and the nature that surrounds it and has a melancholic feel of a time passed by.

On the course of this album Aos invites us to take the journey on the river with him: from the sweeping electronic gestures of timelessness in Tiden upphör vid Mölleholmen, via the melodic pings that can be heard throughout Graften, and the ritualistic electronics at play in Jag eldar vass vid Kavrö until the blissful mellowness of Vår i biflödena – where spring has arrived, and both the river and the music are filled with a calm melancholy, yet joyful in it’s celebration of a winter that is ending.

This debut album collects six tracks of soft techno, ambient atmospheres and field recordings with a close attention to details, harmonics and electronics.

Composed and recorded in Stockholm by Aos. Field-recordings made on location in Åhus, Sweden.
Mastered by Andreas Tilliander in Repeatle Studios.

a1. Tiden upphör vid Mölleholmen

a2. Graften

a3. Jag eldar vass vid Kavrö

b1. Vårflod i biflödena

b2. Nyetableringen av malen

b3. Ut mellan pirarna i Gropahålet