Boston Bun Feat Mayer Hawthorne - Paris Groove


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Released 11th December 2015

Boston Bun and Mayer Hawthorne make the night come alive in “Paris Groove”. The original track came to life when Mayer Hawthorne got lost in Paris and decided to jam in the studio with the Paris-based producer. It’s a mixture of Parisian funk and Hawthorne’s incredible vocals, so you know that this one is going to be a show stopper.

Here’s what Boston Bun had to say on the piece : ‘I always wanted to make a special song for my city. Kind of a way for me to give back what she gives me everyday. Mayer swang by the studio in May. it was the beginning of the summer, the best time to enjoy this city. I was working on the track and he said “ok, plug a microphone, i gonna sing on it now.” Two hours later it was done and we end up djing in a dope gay Party near by la Seine.’

The EP released as quite a 12’’ white label. Dust paper sleeve, black vinyl with black printed labels, copies are very limited to 150 units and delivers a perfect Club edit as B-side.

Are you ready for the Paris Groove?

a. Paris Groove (Original)

b. Paris Groove (Club Mix)