Stefan Vincent - As We Wait for the Machines to Catch Up With Us EP


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Released 18th December 2015

Tired of just rumbling low ends and mindless battering, Stefan Vincent points us in a more melodic direction. A rather melancholic and dystopian one, showing off his understanding of harmonics and tone sections. These compositions in Minor and Major hint towards equally feeling, futuristic atmospheres in which human kind is more and more affected by its unsatisfiable hunger for technology and perfection. Guided by the terrifying beauty of this vision, Stefan takes us on a four track tour through this world. A world in which we will have become merely observers of ourselves and we can only be let down. We can only watch as we rise towards being doubtful sentients. We can only listen as we wait for the machines to catch up with us.

a1. Doubtful Sentient

a2. Rising

b1. Torch

b2. Aquilae

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