Optiv & BTK / Mindscape / Emperor - Let It Loose / Ruthless


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Released 18th December 2015

The Duttyest of the dutty return with DAUDIO027, as BTK's Dutty Audio label continue to break new ground and release some of the hottest music on the neuro, and the wider drum & bass scene. This time around, label head BTK teams up with Optiv and Mindscape for two enormous tracks, Ruthless and Heads Above.
Dutty have always been about standing out from the crowd, doing things a little bit different, and catering for those that love their music loud and hard. Both these tracks fit the core ethos of what Dutty is all about, and fans old and new are going to love them.
Ruthless, a collab between the three producers, gets going without any hesitation. A fading vocal sample comes in and goes out in the intro, as the track builds itself up underneath. Get ready for the mental drop, as all three artists add something distinctive to the mix. Funky, hard driving drums stand firm, as the electronic bass hums along, creating a breakneck soundscape straight from the underground. Flashy samples are up next, as the pace is picked up and direction set fair for the future. BTK, Optiv and Mindscape bring the beats down, just to recharge them and let things loose again.
On Heads Above, Optiv & BTK take over the production, with a sharp, metallic opening to the track. This is overlayed with warping bass sounds, and a ticking, headnodding beat. The comrades swap ideas, with elements of each other's sound obvious on the track. Always reaching forward, never looking back, Optiv & BTK know how to deliver the goods.

Support Includes: Loadstar, State of Mind, John B, Dieselboy, Doc Scott, Mob Tactics, Random Movement, Bowser, Ray Keith, Maztek, Grooverider, Borderline, Gremlinz, Serial Killaz, Trei, Foreign Concept, Dabs, Neon Lights, Ed Rush, Dose, Chris SU, Eastcolors, AMC, Mutated Forms, Mampi Swift, SIGNS, AK1200, Enei, Joe Ford, Basher, Skynet, Rene LaVice, Crissy Criss, Billian.

a1. Optiv & BTK - Let It Loose (Emperor Remix)

b1. BTK, Mindscape & Optiv - Ruthless