Various Artists - Duploc 2021 Collection Box (Part 2) [4x12" Vinyl LP]


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Release Date: 17th December 2021

Limited edition of 200x numbered boxes holding the second 4x DUPLOC records of 2021. VINYL BOX Part 1 is already available separately (with the first 4 records). The full collection holds 8x12” records throughout two boxes. No reprints.

DUPLOC044 - Hebbe & J:Kenzo
DUPLOC045/046 - Oddkut & Ninety
DUPLOC047/048 - TAPPA & Dalek One
DUPLOC049/050 - ENiGMA Dubz

Plate 1

a1. Hebbe - Up Town Dub

b1. Hebbe - RSNT

b2. Hebbe - Up Town Dub (J:Kenzo remix)

Plate 2

a1. Oddkut - Loud ft Griz-O

a2. Oddkut - Deposition

a3. Oddkut - Lord Of Darkness (Boylan remix) [Vinyl Only]

b1. Ninety - Ghoul

b2. Ninety - Skull Thoughts

b3. Ninety - That's It [Vinyl Bonus]

Plate 3

a1. TAPPA - The Motive

a2. TAPPA - Tension

b1. Dalek One - Hit Em Like

b2. Dalek One - Go On Soundboy

Plate 4

a1. Hebbe - Wayside (ENiGMA Dubz Remix)

a2. ENiGMA Dubz - The Eyes (Ternion Sound Remix)

b1. ENiGMA Dubz - 40 Fathoms 

b2. ENiGMA Dubz - Earth Giants

b3. ENiGMA Dubz - Silverback