Rygby - Pagan // Poltergeist


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Released 9th September 2016

duploc.com’s debut 12″ has been a remarkable milestone for the Belgian imprint as Belgium has not seen any dubstep records released on vinyl in four years. Following up the success of DUPLOC012 with ARtroniks, the label gives a second two-tracker a wax treatment. For the next instalment duploc.com introduces upcoming Bristolian talent Rygby, his local environment with its well-respected music culture simply demands for a proper vinyl.

Bristol is the homecity of badman like Kahn, Pinch, Ishan Sound, Joker and Sorrow to name a few, but with Rygby’s first vinyl the spotlight definitely will be turned on him as well. “Poltergeist” probably is the most original track duploc.com signed so far. Though you’ll need to hear and experience it live through a decent sound system to fully understand this one. A very upfront haunting sub bass with the energy to shake up any dance, combined with an extremely unique A-side “Pagan” which perfectly does complement this spooky-sounding record. Or as they’d say in Bristol: Gurt Lush!

a. Rygby - Pagan

b. Rygby - Poltergeist