Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus - Numbered Days [7" Vinyl]


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Released 12th August 2016

'Magnificent nyabinghi roots warning. The one-and-only Eric Frater is drafted in from Studio One, playing killer rhythm guitar (with Chinna on lead); and likewise Dennis Ferron — Jah D — who leads the way with his spiritualized keyboard-work, keening between jazz and soul. You can hear Puma from Black Uhuru, singing with the Sons. Geoffrey Chung at Dynamic expertly pulls in the bass drum and doubled-up fundas and repetas, keeping the mix raw and alive. The dub in particular is stunning — thumping, trenchant and brooding, so steeply dread and haunted it almost trips over its sense of yawning silence and doom.'

a1. Numbered Days

b1. Dub 460 Add Years In the West

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