Jake Conlon // Hoth System - Dubtek Vinyl 003


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Released 2nd September 2016

Jake Conlon – Black Heath Works
Chugging, battering kicks settle the melodic three note loop and form a solid bottom end. Star of the show is the frantic, high pitched chime and marauding, fizzing distortion fit to mangle the head. Tinges of acid and delay tease out the overtones and harmonics, filtered tighter and tighter and finally released, letting the groove play on, relentless and slowly morphing back to the original pattern.

Jake Conlon – Brick House
Shades of Detroit in the intro, echoing, filtered percussion and a suggestion of the baseline to come. Heavy kicks and layered breakbeat obscure none of the soul, accenting and powering up the notes. Infectious percussion and glitchy melody fades in and out, setting the vibe and keeping interest high. You chase the focus, the second notes backed by a subtle, sparkling echo, was that an intake of breath?

Hoth System – Motion Detector
An extraordinary percussive workout. Chattering, accented snares lead into a sparse industrial arrangement with a skipping hat keeping the pace up high. A refreshing high bass note and a perfectly restrained sub keeps pace with the pummelling kicks throughout. A track where small changes have huge impact, complexity and intelligence emerging from what at first seems simple.

Hoth System – Within an Inch
The name says it all – the track is pinned to the floor by the monstrous kick and heavy, low bass bleeps. The melodic pattern has an echo of rolling birdsong, but it’s a mutant alien form unseen by human eyes, building and morphing into an acid-tinged monster. Production is astounding – each part is clear as a bell with space to spare in the mix – while incisive percussion works front and centre, marking out the phrases, accenting the breaks, winding the tension taught as a tripwire.

a1. Jake Conlon - Black Heath Works

a2. Jake Conlon - Brick House

b1. Hoth System - Motion Detectorl

b2. Hoth System - Within An Inch