Dubtek Vinyl - David Meiser, Kereni, Jake Conlon, Louis Ray


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Released 14th August 2015

David Meiser – Epsilon
A one bar hook plays centre stage, morphing continuously (plucked, hammered, played, organic and synthesised) as waves of intensity build and recede. Simplicity and endless variation in sound built around a measured beat.

Kereni – Mutual Gravitation
Taking a deep direction and fat sound, the beats roll and snake their way through glitches and handclaps into two huge melodies at a frantic pace. Reverb, echo and delay and just a hint of acid at the breakdowns show the true depth of this piece.

Jake Conlon – Cry of the Necromancer
The “cry” is a cycling whisper from the grave, slowly building in intensity and menace and overtaking the trademark hard kicks and clipped percussion that characterise Conlons productions. Fine, minimalistic, machine techno.

David Meiser – Epsilon (Louis Ray Remix)
Ray puts the original through a turbocharger, winding up the bpm, widening the kicks and percussion and reworking the hook into a straight up dance floor missile with just a touch of dub.

a1. David Meiser - Epsilon

a2. Kereni - Mutual Gravitation

b1. Jake Conlon - Cry Of The Necromancer

b2. David Meiser - Epsilon (Louis Ray Remix)