Dubtek Vinyl 002


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Released 20th November 2015

InnerCystem - King with the Beats

You have no idea what is coming and it’s an absolute delight. A knocking percussion line reveals itself slowly to a frantic acid pattern. Clinical beats race onwards while the melody teases, tenses and uncoils. When you think you can’t go higher, then comes the vocal and boots it into the stratosphere.

InnerCytem - Airbag.

A soft, delicate melody climbs around shaken percussion and a booming bass/kick combo - perfect juxtaposition of beauty and power. The central melody fades in and out of cycling clicking notes and muted clashing, through a burbling, hissing break, and a gated exit. Constructed with care and devotion.

Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual (Siege Remix).

Thunderous kicks, clipped percussion and a classic 90s hook power this track frantically onward. Drawn out ethereal buzzing notes introduce stripped bleeps and a crushing, emotive vocal after the break. Underworld on very dark steroids.

Retsof - Suns

The knockout blow. A wildly pulsating bassline doesn’t let up for one second, obliterating any possible thought but the groove. Overshadowing even the punchy beats, isolated claps, chattering hats and slowly progressing atmospheric chords, this is a truly stunning piece of musical weaponry.

a1. Innercystem - King With The Beats

a2. Innercystem - Airbag

b1. Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual (Siege Remix)

b2. Retsof - Suns