Chad Dubz - Reptilian Bitch EP


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Release Date - 14th December 2018

Emerged out of the subculture melting pot of St. Louis, Missouri (US) - Dub Sector has been wreaking havoc as fierce proponents of Dubstep and sound system culture as a collective of likeminded artists, event series and record label. Following up on the imprint’s debut vinyl by REZ, the subsequent release is spearheaded by UK’s Chad Dubz. Besides running his own accomplished ‘Foundation Audio’ imprint, the capable artist has been ceaselessly showcasing his talent with prolific output on various esteemed outlets, including the likes of Boka Records.

Setting the needle on the groove, vinyl distortion subsides into a dystopian soundscape, riddled with distant feedback swells and nebulous ambience. Thrusted into its staccato sub bass barrage, ‘Reptilian Bitch’ leaves no air untouched as its expertly crafted groove keeps you in full swing. Infused with all the right old-school flavours, Chad Dubz’ music armaments never fail to ignite a proper dance. Further treading the path of conveying full force in minimal attire, ‘Wob’ picks up the pace with ease. Led on by its hypnotic lead melody, listeners find themselves in an auditory sound-boy funeral in midst of vintage dub sirens and delay trails.

On remix duties, bass music heavyweight collective LSN with a monumental spin on the EP’s title track. Subdued harmonies bond with delicate foley samples, the faint sounds of destruction slowly catching up with the passage of time. Pouncing into undiluted fury, the proceeding sonic mayhem shines in full glory. Rounding things off with a final industrious belter of a track, ‘Rollin’’ takes no prisoners committing tribal warfare at one-hundred-forty beats per minute. Haunting foley samples make way for a percussive inferno of undoubtedly massive proportions, concluding the EP in fine style.

a1. Chad Dubz - Reptilian Bitch

a2. Chad Dubz - Wob

b1. Chad Dubz - Reptilian Bitch (LSN Remix)

b2. Chad Dubz - Rollin'

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