Nina Girassóis - Heavyweight Sound / Heavyweight Dub [7" Vinyl]


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Release Date: 19th March 2021

Brazilian artists Nina Girassóis and Paulera join the Dubquake roaster with their neo-roots reggae hit “Heavyweight Sound’”. The track is getting pressed on to 7” vinyl with the dub version “Heavyweight Dub” on the B side.

Nina Girassóis, hailing from São Paulo, compliments the track with her sweet voice, singing and raising awareness about the ongoing Brazilian social-economic crisis. Nina tells us “Brazil is a country that’s rich in resources but only very few people get to reap the benefits. It’s not getting better with the current political situation. The lyrics were written in 2012, but things just kept on getting worse and worse”.

a1. Nina Girassóis - Heavyweight Sound

b1. Paulera, O.B.F - Heavyweight Dub