DJ Madd - Kingdom SP


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DJ Madd Collaborates with Brooklyn’s Dub-Stuy Records in an experimentation of sounds and styles rooted in sound system culture.

In their commitment to forging new pathways through the histories of roots, riddim and rigs, Dub-Stuy Records has again taken the road less traveled and unearthed fresh sounds. International bass music producer D J Madd b rings his dubstep-gone Brooklyn dubwise fusion to the table in his new two-track single release entitled K ingdom.

The USA-based, Hungarian-born DJ’s sound is diversifying as he harkens back to the bone-shaking basslines and the lowest sonic lows associated with his classic dubstyle production. On both K ingdom a nd its B-side B rooklyn Rudeboy, Madd experiments with an unorthodox tempo given his 140bpm background. Using elements reminiscent of Drum and Bass, Jungle and Footwork, he combines 808 bass and rolling snares with his hallmark sound inspired by Reggae Dub and sound system music.

Given Dub-Stuy’s dedication to searching for new connections in a contemporary Sound System-inspired soundscape, the collaboration between the Brooklyn based label and DJ Madd came naturally. Eager to enter the Brooklyn dialog, it is no secret that DJ Madd derives inspiration from Dub-Stuy’s custom sound system. Sound system to me is when you step into a venue and you see that those boxes weren't made in a factory. It always has that special touch when you meet someone and they start to tell a story how they started to build it with their own hands. All the energy that went into it and now you're getting to play on it!”

a. DJ Madd - Kingdom

b. DJ Madd - Brooklyn Rudeboy

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