Blind Prophet - Veteran / Hugh Dub (feat. Clinton Sly) [7" Vinyl]


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Released 24th August

Crafted in the style of old school dancehall clashing, 'Veteran' is a mixture of classic heavyweight dancehall lyrics and a new school flow. The tune is set to be a timeless banger aiming to keep the dancehall massive rocking and swinging day and night. Inspired by the riddim and sounds of Blind Prophet, Clinton Sly is ready to run the sound system! Slowing down the tempo to 120bpm, Blind Prophet delivers a heavy dose of dubwise for the B-side. 'Hugh Dub' starts off with a mutated vocal and quickly drops into a tuff steppers riddim. A distorted bassline and thumping kick drive the track. Accompanied by plucked guitars, organ skanks and dub FX it's a sound system stomper for sure!

a1. Blind Prophet - Veteran (feat. Clinton Sly)

b1. Blind Prophet - Hugh Dub