Manic Brothers - Custom Illusion


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With their 'Moving Forward' track widely regarded as one of the highlight cuts from Drumcode's recent 'A-Sides' compilation, Manic Brothers make their full debut on the label with this four-track EP of elegantly industrial techno. 'Custom Illusion' sets the tone for the EP's mechanical yet melodic aesthetic, shunting and shimmering in equal measure as it weaves a tensely poised atmosphere. 'Black Bay' works up a full force groove punctuated by a pitch-bent elastic hook and panning effects. 'Restless' continues the exploration of sparse feelings with a marching, cavernous groove and abrasive pulsing pads while 'Gone Too Soon' conjures up an enchanting wall of sound with the distinctive melodic hook adding a warm hypnotic charm to a backdrop of resounding, pounding beats. 

a1. Custom Illusion

b1. Black Bay