The Upbeats - No Sleep 'Til Japan and Iceland


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No Sleep 'Til

Release Date - 14th December 2018

The first fruits of The Upbeats' groundbreaking new project have arrived. Completely crowd- funded by the fans, the No Sleep 'Till venture sees the duo travelling to different countries to collaborate with producers face to face, taking inspiration from new found lands to bring a hugely fresh take on music production.

The trail starts in Japan combining with not only Tokyo's DJ Kentaro and Goth-Trad but also Noisia. Then moving to Iceland where The Upbeats hung with Halogenix, Culture Shock and Emperor, resulting in an array of the finest bass music to give back to the fans who made it happen.

Watch this space for the next destinations and collaborations coming soon.

a1. The Upbeats & Noisia - Shibuya Pet Store

a2. The Upbeats & Halogenix - Kronan

b1. The Upbeats & Culture Shock - Erosion

b2. The Upbeats & Emperor - DumDum