DRS - Space Cadet EP


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Space Cadet

Release Date - 21st December 2018

Here comes the blast off: Brand new label Space Cadet propels itself into the ether with their launch release. Bursting through the ozone, destined for your own zone, DRS’s new spaceship sets coordinates to stun with a valiant V/A mission that takes us to the furthest peripheries of the drum & bass solar system.
Captained by co-pilots GLXY, Artificial Intelligence, Skeptical and Dogger & Mindstate, the four-track trip guides us through emotional and conscious star clusters as the label’s chief astronaut DRS lays down four new narratives. Distraction, temptation, frustration and confused affection are just some of the themes the Manchester MC parlays with resonance over crisp, forward-thinking productions from a vital range of kindred bass spirits...

Shogun stars GLXY live up to their name as they shake and stir us with a piano cocktail on ‘Rain Dance’ while long-time planet boundingexcursionists Artificial Intelligence lay down a stark step blueprint for ‘Overdose’. Elsewhere fellow cosmos enthusiast Skeptical delivershis first production since his album ‘Enjoy This Trip’ with the glacial soul of ‘Forget This All’, a track you may well recognise from Space Cadet’s prototype quest; LSB’s ‘Space Age Volume 1’, a mix that’s soundtracked trips over 40,000 times and counting.
Finally rising rocketeers Dogger and Mindstate provide the essential happy landing; ‘Falling For You’ is the deepest, most delicate cut of the crusade. Not only does it bring you back to an emotional reality that every single one of us humans with souls can relate to, but it also sets the scene for the next Space Cadet voyage.... A brand new DRS artist album.
You read it here first and you won’t have light years to wait for it, either.
Stay tuned for more astronomical transmissions very soon...

a1. DRS x GLXY - Rain Dance

a2. DRS x Artificial Intelligence - Overdose

b1. DRS x Skeptical - Forget This All

b2. DRS x Dogger & Mindstate - Falling For You