Acid Lab - A Matter of Time [Black & Clear Mixed Vinyl]


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Released 6th April

Daniel Schwerdel aka Acid Lab has been a familiar face on Lossless Music and Dope Plates over the last few years. Turning heads with his tracks 'Ancestors' and 'Tundra', Dan has laid the ground work for a bigger project, a solo album. 'A Matter Of Time' is a stunning 10 track breakbeat odyssey which sees Dan draw on influences from the past as well as futuristic visions which combine to form a body of work that perfectly fits the Dope Plates ethos.

a1. Acid Lab & Soul Intent - Silver Alloy

a2. Acid Lab - Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia)

b1. Acid Lab - Into the Void

b2. Acid Lab - Revelation

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