Various Artists - DABJ Allstars Vol.3


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O.D.D., Modini and Casio Royale team up to wreck clubs across the galaxy!

I glanced at the wrinkles on my hands as they worked the controls on landing pod. I’d aged considerably since we left Earth to track the alien. Taking an extremely dangerous short cut via the rim of a black hole allowed me to get to the outer regions of the universe before I turned geriatric and was too decrepit to navigate the ship. Now, as we approached Planet Simila, excitement burned within me. It wasn’t just about meeting an extra-terrestrial, I was lonely. It had been many years since I’d spoken to anyone other than the ship’s computer and here I was about to meet the first known life form outside our planet. I bumped the pod down on the terra firma as gracefully as I could. Intel confirmed Simila had an almost identical atmosphere to earth and that I’d be able to breathe on it unaided. However, precautious as always, I put the large dome shaped breathing apparatus over my head and pulled on the silver safety suit. I took my first step out of a spaceship in 14 years and there it was only yards away from me; a small green creature with large white goggle eyes on the end of two spindly antennas. If you’d asked a 5-year-old earthling to draw a spaceman it would have looked exactly like the thing stood before me. I had no idea whether it could comprehend English or not but nerves made me blurt out: “Greetings from Planet Earth, I have travelled many light years to meet you, I…
“Here, never mind that pish, ya space helmet, you got the new DABJ Allstars Vol 3 on ya, it’s got new stoaters fae O.D.D, Modini and Casio Royale. I’ve heard it’s oot o’ this world.”

A1. O.D.D - Stew

A2. Modini - Throbbing Thistle

B1. Casino Royale - The Rhythm

B2. Casino Royale - Work This

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