Killawatt - Fazed EP [180g 12" Vinyl w/ Ossia Remix]


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Released 30th September 2016

Conceived at a poignant intersection of Killawatt's existence, the Fazed EP evokes an introverted and pedantic nature, tailored for the individual over the collective. Produced during a period of self-reflection and change, the EP signifies a positive gear selection in the mind-set and approach to sound design and music as a whole. A period of sustained momentum and the challenging of previous attitudes resulted in Killawatt consciously isolating himself from specific negativity in and around him, Through forced positivity, elimination of destructive environments and a more embracing approach to introversion, inner thoughts and sentiments are brought to the fore and expose a rarely seen fragility unaffected by external influence. Remixes provided by Bristol based, Peng Sound boss Ossia and Berlin Atonal favorites Sergie Rezza (DJ Deep & Roman Poncet).

a1. Fazed

a2. Livewire

a3. Okinawa

b1. Livewire (Sergie Rezza Remix)

b2. Livewire (Ossia Remix)