Charlotte Adigery - 1,681 / Senegal Seduction / Le Froid / Celle


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Released 24th March 2017

Charlotte is a friend of DEEWEE’s. She sings in both English & French. This E.P was written in collaboration between Charlotte and Bolis Pupul then produced by the Dewaele brothers (Soulwax / 2manydjs) at DEEWEE in Ghent. Cont… New Release Information A brief rundown on the tracks… ‘1,618’ arrives somewhere between a futurist song and a cosmic disco sound. It twists and turns. ‘Senegal Seduction’ is a slow melodic ride. ‘Je m’appelle Charlotte’. ‘Le Froid’ is a percussive vocal dub piece. Charlotte’s vocals turned inside then out again. ‘Celle’ is a song addressed to a father and a heartbeat to finish.

a1. 1,618

a2. Senegal Seduction

b1. Le Froid

b2. Celle