Moda - 4 My People EP


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Entering with “Cruising into the storm”, a raw synth and bass propelled work-out, Moda squeezes energy in ounces into a midnight ready and sweat thirsty call to action. Channelling his Gang starr influences, break-beats are dug, dusted off and sampled onto “4 my people”. Crackling joyfully and reminiscent of the 90s, A2 is not failing.

The flip side opens with cosmic tones, deep pad works and a rattling top ends from the 909, steering the mother-ship deeper into the cosmos. Interstellar travels deepen via euphoric murky pads, a melting tempo, infectious bass and loose hats on “What I am". Moda ejects off ship somewhere between Neptune and Pluto... 

a1. Cruizing Into The Storm (with a coffee)

a2. 4 My People

b1. Language Barriers

b2. What I am (slow jam)