Truth - The Unexpected EP [Coloured 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date - 5th July 2019

Firing out of Wakaan on May 24th is the supercharged new EP from New Zealand’s very own TRUTH. They began working together a decade ago and ramp up the intensity for this four-track offering, which brings out their contagious, floor-filling vibe as an act. 

TRUTH kick-start the EP with its title track; a busy bassline and reverbing bass notes thud out of the speakers with fiery direction and crisp rhythms. ‘Goodnight’ blends drifting vocal samples and a deep, grooving beat that has been drenched in low-end energy. 

‘Creatures’ is a chance for menacing snatches of melody to infiltrate its commanding bassline, coming in thickly textured waves. The last tune here is ‘For Sure,’ again showcasing TRUTH’s knack for incorporating unique samples and coupling them with a roving, pitched down backdrop. 

They say "With this EP we wanted to showcase some of the diversity of our sound. From the triplet-driven crazy energy of the title track ‘The Unexpected’ with its bouncy bassline and in your face sound design. The ravey, garage-esque intro of ‘Goodnight,’ which transforms into a snarling reese-bass monster. ‘Creatures’ is something straight out of the swampy depths, sucking you in with horror vibes. Then ‘For Sure’ is just plain weird, but catchy, upping the tempo on that one. 

We've been vibing on Wakaan for a while now, so it's a real honor to be able to release a full EP of material on such a dope label. There also seems to be a massive crossover in people who enjoy the Wakaan sound and people who follow our Deep, Dark & Dangerous label. So we're really excited to see how people respond to this release, and just in general seeing what the future has in store for the scene as a whole! 

Oh, and did someone say purple vinyl"? 

It’s time to expect ‘The Unexpected’…

a1. Truth - The Unexpected

a2. Truth - Goodnight

b1. Truth - Creatures

b2. Truth - For Sure